Bali Travel Advice

Money Handling Tips for a Bali Holiday

Whenever you go overseas you will find the money is different and, you cannot pay using Australian money; Bali is no different. Not everything can be paid for with a credit card, so you need to use Bali currency, the Rupiah or Rp when abbreviated. Larger hotels will take credit cards, while smaller accommodation such as some Bali Villas and guesthouses do not.

Why cash is important

So make sure you have plenty of cash for the small things you will need such as drinks and snacks, transport and other things that don’t cost a lot. Many smaller boutique stores and cafes won’t be able to change a large note so it’s important to have smaller ones. Keep larger notes for purchasing high ticket items.

Holiday Destinations

Why Bali Should Top Your Must Visit Holiday Destinations

Bali is so easily accessible by air, than many tourists imagine. The image of Bali as an island on the South East Asia region tends to convince many that they can only access it via the sea, but this is not true. You can visit the islands through different international airlines. The island is home to numerous resorts and luxury villas, excellent hotels not forgetting the scenic landscapes that make it a top tourist destination. The presence of millions of tourists in Bali has not destroyed its uniqueness.

If you are looking for top class or luxury accommodation, you will be spoilt for choice here. You can choose from home stays where a tourist can spend $20 per night, but if this is not your thing, you can go for the super deluxe resorts and luxury villas, which can cost up to $2,000 per night. You do not have to stay in a single location during your entire vacation at Bali. You can shift from one resort or villa to another as you keep moving to different areas in the island.