7 Tips To Save Money When Holidaying In Bali

No matter where anyone travels abroad on holiday, they will want to ensure that the available budget they have set aside for their trip, lasts them for as long as possible. This applies no matter where the holiday location is, but given that Bali is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, we thought it would be useful if we focus our attention there.

In particular we want to explain to you some ways in which you can save money whilst you are holidaying in Bali, and in turn, either allow you to buy more for the same amount or be able to bring as much of your money back home with you as possible. First, let us look at some quick money facts for when you travel to Bali.

  • The currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah which is abbreviated to IDR.
  • The average exchange rate versus the Australian dollar recently has been about 11,000 IDR = 1 AUD.
  • Most businesses in Bali are not allowed to accept Australian dollars.
  • Cash is king in Bali as many market traders and small stores do not have credit card machines.
  • Cash can be withdrawn from local ATMs.
  • Larger hotels, stores and restaurants will accept credit and debit card payments.

Now you have the basics of money in Bali, let us now look at 7 ways in which you can save money when you are in Bali.

#1 – It Is Cheaper Up North

With the more popular tourist destinations of Seminyak, Ubud, and Kuta being in the south of Bali, they tend to be where prices are more expensive. If you base yourself in, or travel to, the north and northeast of Bali, you will find that the prices of goods, food, drink, and accommodation up there are lower, and often by as much as 50%.

#2 – Eat The Local Food

If you want to try as much of the local cuisine as you can whilst in Bali, then you are certain to spend less on food. Apart from giving you the opportunity to try local dishes, you will them priced much lower than the prices charged for international food, especially the larger chains such as KFC.

#3 – Drink On The Cheap

Two ways to achieve this, with the first being to keep your eyes and ears open for bars which advertise happy hours. Many bars do this to attract customers, and it benefits you by making your drinks half price. The other method is to buy drinks for your room or to take to the beach from supermarkets, rather than bars.

#4 – Use The Free Shuttles

Most hotels offer these for guests to take them to and from the airports and for journeys to other popular destinations. Where you can, use these free shuttles rather than spending money on hiring taxis.

#5 – Rideshare On Uber

If the place you are travelling to does not have a free shuttle you can reduce the cost of travelling around by ridesharing with others. Uber is a great way to do this. Speaking of Uber, search online for discount codes which give you money off your first Uber ride.

#6 – Use Free Local Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Rather than racking up your mobile phone bill by exceeding your overseas data allowance, access the internet via free, local Wi-Fi services whenever one is available. Most hotels, restaurants, and bars will have Wi-Fi, so ask for them for the Wi-Fi password and save money on your mobile data costs.

#7 – Barter, Haggle, Drive A Bargain

There can be few more satisfying ways of saving money than haggling with the person selling you something and getting them to lower their price. This is almost a way of live in the street markets in Bali, and many of the shops will also accept a lower price if you ask for one. You can save a considerable amount doing this, and it is great fun too.