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10 Health Benefits Of Including Yoga Classes In Your Bali Villa Holiday Itinerary

One of the benefits that Bali villas give holidaymakers who rent them is the flexibility to take part in numerous activities without being tied to the meal times and other restrictions that are part and parcel of staying in a hotel. As such, you can come and go as you please and book time for activities when it suits you.

One of the most popular activities that holidaymakers to Bali participate in is yoga. Given that Bali’s culture is steeped in spirituality and mindfulness, it is little wonder why yoga studios and classes are plentiful throughout the island. As for how yoga can benefit you, you will discover this when you read through the ten health benefits of yoga we have highlighted below.

Health Benefit #1 – Improved Posture: As you stretch and boost your muscles, including any imbalances, yoga can help improve your posture. This is especially important as we grow older given that our posture diminishes with age. Yoga also makes you more aware of your posture so you will automatically correct it.

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5 Ways To Spend Less If You Are Holidaying In A Bali Villa

If you are planning to visit Bali on holiday and your chosen accommodation is one of the many stunning Bali villas, we are sure you and those who travel with you are going to have an exceptional time. What you might plan to do when in Bali is almost limitless given the number of activities and excursions available, and many of these can be done for relatively small fees.

However, what often holds people back from participating in as many activities as they might, is their budget, or rather that they have a limited budget. Others, having paid for their flights and accommodation, want to ensure they do not overspend.

To help those that the above describes, and anyone else who wants to ensure that they get the best value for money when they are in Bali, we thought we would create this article. It will outline some facts about using money in Bali and also gives you some excellent tips on how to spend less in Bali without depriving yourself of its many enjoyable experiences.

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7 Tips To Save Money When Holidaying In Bali

No matter where anyone travels abroad on holiday, they will want to ensure that the available budget they have set aside for their trip, lasts them for as long as possible. This applies no matter where the holiday location is, but given that Bali is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, we thought it would be useful if we focus our attention there.

In particular we want to explain to you some ways in which you can save money whilst you are holidaying in Bali, and in turn, either allow you to buy more for the same amount or be able to bring as much of your money back home with you as possible. First, let us look at some quick money facts for when you travel to Bali.

  • The currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah which is abbreviated to IDR.
  • The average exchange rate versus the Australian dollar recently has been about 11,000 IDR = 1 AUD.
  • Most businesses in Bali are not allowed to accept Australian dollars.
  • Cash is king in Bali as many market traders and small stores do not have credit card machines.
  • Cash can be withdrawn from local ATMs.
  • Larger hotels, stores and restaurants will accept credit and debit card payments.

Now you have the basics of money in Bali, let us now look at 7 ways in which you can save money when you are in Bali.

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Check-out Umalas When You’re Next in Bali

In Umalas, you will find affordable private villas, lots of gorgeous sights and all the modern amenities you need.

There are beautiful rice fields and traditional buildings that reflect the culture of Indonesia. Umalas is truly a representation of Indonesia and its culture. The beautiful rice fields produce a lot of excellent crops and are a joy to see. The beautiful beaches are a great place to play in the sea or to soak up some sun. There are also a lot of local foods available in the town of Umalas and trying them all can be a lot of fun. These are just some of the things you can do on holiday in Umalas.

Umalas Villas

The best way to enjoy Umalas is to stay in one of the many private Bali villas they have. You will be able to stay in the heart of the country and you can find a villa large enough for two or for an entire family. There are also luxurious hotels that can accommodate couples or groups.

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Bali’s Hidden Secrets

Uncovering Bali’s Hidden Secrets – Getting Off The Beaten Track

Although Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia when it comes to partying and enjoying the nightlife, it has a lot more than cheap alcohol and a good time to offer. Sure, it can be nice to stay in Bali villas or resorts for a few days and just relax, but I would recommend getting off the beaten track and experiencing a few of Bali’s hidden secrets.

To help you do this, I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorite hidden gems in Bali. Some of these will take a bit of effort to get to, but others don’t need more than a bit of time and a sense of adventure. Consider visiting the following places on your next trip to Bali:


Munduk is a small town in the mountains in the north of Bali. It sits roughly 800 meters above sea level, and boasts relatively few tourist amenities. As a small rural town, Munduk will give you the chance to experience the true Bali.

It’s worth basing yourself here for a few days and exploring the area. You will find things like waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful rainforest where you can hike, swim, and just relax in general. Be sure to speak to the locals when you get there, as they can recommend the best things to see at the time of year you’re visiting.


If you love beaches, but can’t stand the huge crowds that frequent Bali’s more famous destinations, then consider visiting the Amed area. When you hear people talking about Amed, they may mean one of two things. In some cases, they will mean the small fishing village of Amed. In others, they will be referring to the region itself.

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Balinese Culture

The Balinese Culture is Real and Not Just for Tourists

Bali is an interesting, unusual, enchanting, and exotic place to visit. Unlike many tourist destinations where the true culture has been lost and is now only seen when it is presented theatrically for the benefit of tourists, Bali’s culture is real and alive.

For anyone that visited Bali before it became a popular tourist destination, you were probably told “You should have seen it a decade or two ago.” And if you showed up for the first time today, you will likely hear something very similar from one of the locals. But the difference is that while Bali has changed over time, like any other country, it has managed to hang on to the traditions and culture that is so important. It’s also this culture that makes Bali such a desired place to visit.

However, Bali government officials are concerned that the Balinese culture is under attack, that the modern world will devour Bali like it has so many other places that were once fabulous getaways. For example, it used to be tradition to go to the beaches topless in Bali, but the Republic of Indonesia passed laws against these practices. It was because of tourism that these laws were changed, thereby taking away something that was part of Bali culture forever.

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Bali Property Prices

Rich Foreigners Driving Up Bali Property Prices

Foreign investors are flocking to Bali and buying up property, especially those along the beautiful beaches. Who are these investors? You’ll see the women strutting along in their spikes and sexy dresses accompanied by their men in comfy pants and button-down shirts. They are spending their money in a local restaurant drinking champagne and eating truffles during the day, and busting a move at night enjoying the nightlife. These, are the same people that are buying up property at every chance they get.

Luxury property prices in Bali jumped more than anywhere else in the world for similar type properties. Jakarta say an increase of 38%, compared to the runner up Dubai at 20%. While Monaco remains the most expensive place to buy at 5,920 a square foot, Bali is quickly catching up. So what does this mean for locals and visitors alike?

These wealthy buyers are coming from Australia, the UK, and France, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong expats who keep the market afloat. They are purchasing vacation homes, private villas, hotels, and condo-hotels.

For the most part, the locals are not affected by this buying frenzy, and as long as the government protects local lands for local people it will remain as such. For tourists that come to stay, there could be many benefits as foreign investors buy up Bali villas or build new villas, and then make these available to tourists up and down the island for reasonable rates. It’s a far better accommodation idea than staying in a hotel.

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