Bali Tourism

Balinese Culture

The Balinese Culture is Real and Not Just for Tourists

Bali is an interesting, unusual, enchanting, and exotic place to visit. Unlike many tourist destinations where the true culture has been lost and is now only seen when it is presented theatrically for the benefit of tourists, Bali’s culture is real and alive.

For anyone that visited Bali before it became a popular tourist destination, you were probably told “You should have seen it a decade or two ago.” And if you showed up for the first time today, you will likely hear something very similar from one of the locals. But the difference is that while Bali has changed over time, like any other country, it has managed to hang on to the traditions and culture that is so important. It’s also this culture that makes Bali such a desired place to visit.

Bali Property Prices

Rich Foreigners Driving Up Bali Property Prices

Foreign investors are flocking to Bali and buying up property, especially those along the beautiful beaches. Who are these investors? You’ll see the women strutting along in their spikes and sexy dresses accompanied by their men in comfy pants and button-down shirts. They are spending their money in a local restaurant drinking champagne and eating truffles during the day, and busting a move at night enjoying the nightlife. These, are the same people that are buying up property at every chance they get.

Luxury property prices in Bali jumped more than anywhere else in the world for similar type properties. Jakarta say an increase of 38%, compared to the runner up Dubai at 20%. While Monaco remains the most expensive place to buy at 5,920 a square foot, Bali is quickly catching up. So what does this mean for locals and visitors alike?

These wealthy buyers are coming from Australia, the UK, and France, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong expats who keep the market afloat. They are purchasing vacation homes, private villas, hotels, and condo-hotels.