Ecommerce in Bali

The Growth of Ecommerce in Bali

Bali, long a treasured tourist destination and jewel of Indonesia, has seen a surge in tourism in recent years. In step with that, it’s seen a growing and thriving ecommerce industry. If you’re interested in founding an online-based business having to do with Bali, there’s a lot of support in place already. Associations, agencies, and offices are springing up on Facebook, Foursquare, and Linked-In. The best course of action is to join this network, and keep an eye out for the ever-increasing business opportunities revolving around Bali.

Established “brick-and-mortar” businesses, some of them thriving for years before the web came along, are also coming to the web. Not just tourism businesses, but local industries and small businesses are thriving online. One such notable small industry is mopeds – one of the most popular means of transport around the region. Sales and rental moped businesses are finding the web a valuable resource for drawing in customers.

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