9 Reasons to Check Out Seminyak

If you are travelling to Bali, Seminyak is one place you should never miss. It has an amazing beach and with the main street just a few steps away, many boutique restaurants and luxury hotels are conveniently situated. In fact, Seminyak Villas may be the best place to stay with their luxurious garden pools almost at the door of each villa. So here are 5 reasons to check out Seminyak.

    • The beach – Known as Bali’s most fashionable beach due to the line-up of elegant and luxurious hotels and restaurants that line its edges, Seminyak Beach is clean and long with plenty of space for kids to play and the most wonderful sunsets. It is best in the dry season because in the wet season the wind causes waves to dump a lot of seaweed and other rubbish on the sand. That’s okay because the best time to visit Bali is in the dry season.
  • Spas – It has one of the best and cheapest spas where you can get your hair done and have a facial, pedicure or almost anything else for $20 or less. Bodyworks employs over 80 staff so you are sure to get in at short notice.
  • Rooftops – With the weather so warm and balmy, making use of the rooftops for alfresco dining makes a lot of sense. You can enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean and nightlights while you dine on your choice of amazing meals.


Money Handling Tips for a Bali Holiday

Whenever you go overseas you will find the money is different and, you cannot pay using Australian money; Bali is no different. Not everything can be paid for with a credit card, so you need to use Bali currency, the Rupiah or Rp when abbreviated. Larger hotels will take credit cards, while smaller accommodation such as some Bali Villas and guesthouses do not.

Why cash is important

So make sure you have plenty of cash for the small things you will need such as drinks and snacks, transport and other things that don’t cost a lot. Many smaller boutique stores and cafes won’t be able to change a large note so it’s important to have smaller ones. Keep larger notes for purchasing high ticket items.


Bali Develops 10000 Medicinal Plant Species

The Bali-India Foundation in cooperation with a major international cooperative, is now developing more than 10,000 medicinal plant species with a focus on curing different diseases. Dr. Somvir, the foundation’s chair, is optimistic that they will be able to achieve their goal.

A number of medicinal plant species were imported from India and planted among hundreds of plants local to Bali. These plants have been cultivated for a few years now using organic fertilizers in an effort to maintain and replenish the fertility of the soil. It will take approximately five years before these plants will be able to cultivate these herbs and use them for medicinal purposes.

While working at cultivating the current plants the Bali India Foundation continues to seek out new medicinal plant species that can be added to the collection and later used for medicinal purposes. There are plenty of medicinal plants and what the foundation has to review is whether they will thrive in the Bali region.