Bali Develops 10000 Medicinal Plant Species

The Bali-India Foundation in cooperation with a major international cooperative, is now developing more than 10,000 medicinal plant species with a focus on curing different diseases. Dr. Somvir, the foundation’s chair, is optimistic that they will be able to achieve their goal.

A number of medicinal plant species were imported from India and planted among hundreds of plants local to Bali. These plants have been cultivated for a few years now using organic fertilizers in an effort to maintain and replenish the fertility of the soil. It will take approximately five years before these plants will be able to cultivate these herbs and use them for medicinal purposes.

While working at cultivating the current plants the Bali India Foundation continues to seek out new medicinal plant species that can be added to the collection and later used for medicinal purposes. There are plenty of medicinal plants and what the foundation has to review is whether they will thrive in the Bali region.

The foundation hopes to eventually incorporate medicinal herbs as part of the doctor’s prescriptions and to eventually incorporate it as part of typical medical treatments. Experts have determined there are at least 3,000 medicinal plants are available to offer an enriched treatment experience in Bali.